Life Ready / 23rd May 2018

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) 2018 camp is an intensive leadership experience organized by Rotary clubs and districts. It helps develop skills while having fun and making connections. This year Rotary Chatswood club sponsored one of our young people, Maddie, who has been able to learn a lot about teamwork and communication skills. She hopes to become a youth worker in the near future.

“I appreciate very much the support that Phoenix House has provided and for having enabled me to be considered for the RYLA program” A beaming Maddie was proud to receive the award for 2018 and gave us some great insight into why RYLA is a great program and how it has changed her life.

How did you hear about RYLA? After my graduation, I started searching for ways to engage with people in the wider community. One day, I joined Phoenix House’s Friday community lunch and ever since I have taken part in programs and events that have rekindled my passion for life. I heard about RYLA through Kate, my case worker at Phoenix House. She was aware of my desire to become a youth worker and bring positive change in the wider community. It is also thanks to Phoenix House that I was able to participate in RYLA.

What have you gained by attending RYLA? I gained better insights of my own strengths and values. It also offered me a chance to develop teamwork and effective communications skills. Through various activities during RYLA, I learnt of the importance of being proactive to achieve a life goal. Undoubtedly, such essential leadership skills will help me become the person I want to be….A determined and reflective person!

We wish Maddie all the best!

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