Life Ready

Phoenix House supports young people and their families through a range of services.

We engage young people through specialist case management, assist individuals and families through therapeutic counselling, and create a sense of community and belonging through group work programs and activities.

Details of specific programs and activities

Friends Resilience

The Friends Resilience program is a cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) based program that provide social and emotional skills training for 4 to 18 year olds aimed at building social and emotional resilience. It is an early intervention and prevention program for anxiety and depression, in which children, adolescents, and adults are taught strategies to cope with anxiety and challenging situations. The program was developed to assist individuals to build resilience and self-esteem and to learn important skills and techniques to cope with difficult and/or anxiety provoking situations. The FRIENDS Resilience was established by Dr Paula Barrett in 1988 and Phoenix House is licensed to run the program, for more information about FRIENDS Resilience please visit

The Feel Good Night program

Feel Good Nights are a chance for young people to feel pampered and spoilt. It is a fun, creative and social event which provides activities that promote positive ways of managing stress.
Up to 20 young people on any given Feel Good night indulge in a nutritious meal, massages, haircuts, beauty services and a variety of creative activities.

This program is incredibly popular with young people, it has been running at Phoenix House since 1998 and has forged many lasting friendships amongst isolated young people.

Friday Lunches

Friday Lunch is a famous tradition at Phoenix House. This popular, end of week event is a chance for young people and staff to come together to prepare and share a scrumptious banquet. This program works to build community and gives everyone a chance to relax, have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Friday Lunch is our family meal time and anyone is welcome!

Counselling and Consultation Services

Youth and/or Youth and Family Counselling, Parent Consultation, Life Coaching

To have conversations with parents, young people and/or their families that:

– focus on their best hopes

– focus on what is already working to help realise those hopes

Given that many people who come to the service may have faced hardship or adversity or may have been socially marginalised, we aim to:

– provide a positive social response

– uphold and affirm the dignity, skills and efforts of people and

– advocate and support socially just outcomes

Girls Program

In partnership with other community youth centres, Phoenix House provides a safe space for girls to connect on a weekly basis. Our female youth workers create fun activities to help the girls develop their social skills, establish friendships and build confidence. There is a focus on self-care, wellbeing, and positive relationships.

Activities include arts and crafts, cooking, self defence, jewellery making, styling workshops and makeovers.

Life Skills

The Life Skills program is designed to support young people to develop and sustain basic life skill sets to assist them to transition successfully into adulthood.

Participants develop new skills and knowledge such as cooking, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, budgeting, nutrition, self care,  healthy relationships and communication skills.

Pop Up Arts Program

This creative arts program provides an opportunity for young people to explore various artistic styles including art, music, photography and craft work. It is also a space where they learn and develop new creative skills in a stress-free and casual environment.

This weekly get-together allows young people and staff to connect and create, and fosters strong relationships within our Phoenix House community.

Alumni Group

The Alumni Group is a network of former Phoenix House clients who contribute to the design of future Phoenix House programs, help evaluate and review current programs. Leadership training is offered to all members of the Alumni Group and members are offered the opportunity to work with current clients in a mentoring role.