Learn Ready

Many young people need support to stay at school, or to find suitable education or training that meets their needs and aspirations.

Early intervention for young people who are struggling in education is critical. If core skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours are not developed across childhood and adolescence, they become increasingly difficult and expensive to address later in life. Young people not fully engaged in education or work are at greater risk of long-term unemployment, cycles of low pay, employment insecurity and social exclusion. Early school leavers are two and a half times more likely to be unemployed, earn lower wages and have poorer quality of life outcomes. Phoenix House provides flexible education programs for young people with very specific and challenging needs. We work with schools and families to identify young people at risk. Students identified have a range of complex social and educational needs and are at a high risk of leaving school early. We catch young people before they fully disengage with formal education and aim to inspire a life-long love of learning.

Phoenix House provides flexible education programs for young people with very specific and challenging needs

We offer a range of courses to enhance learning and living skills aimed at helping young people re-engage with formal education. Phoenix House educators are highly skilled and experienced in flexible education delivery and we have achieved significant positive outcomes for the young people undertaking our courses.

Transit Program

Phoenix House, in partnership with a local RTO, deliver a program enabling students to complete a Year 10 equivalent qualification in a flexible learning environment, a Certificate II in Work Skills and Vocational Pathways.  The program is aimed at students for whom mainstream schooling has been challenging, where they have not been able to realise their full educational potential. The course is delivered in a flexible, self-paced and supportive learning environment that is designed to be able to accommodate the many different learning styles of the students. By providing the wrap around support we are ensuring all barriers to education are being addressed. By supporting students to build upon their natural talents the course helps students to discover what they are passionate about. Individual learning plans are put in place with a focus on preparing students for entry into further studies or employment. Participants engage in a range of “trade tasters” – real life trade and work experience in areas including: hospitality, plumbing, hair and beauty, game design and development and mechanics. The Transit Program has proven success with the majority of participants continuing with further study, vocational training or employment. The high results from this course combined with it being the only course of its type in the Northern Sydney area means it is in high demand and attracts students from all over Sydney. For more information, contact us.

Wesley Mission - Certificate III Program

This program is delivered with Wesley Mission and includes wrap-around support for students who are finding it difficult to engage in further study beyond Year 10 or a Cert II qualification. The program is delivered with a Wesley Vocational Institute trainer and co-facilitated with a Phoenix House TAE qualified teacher. Small group of around 10 students delivered two days a week for two terms, with 20 to 40 hours of work placement. All training is delivered at Phoenix House. For more information, contact us.

Study Support

This alternative education program is aimed at young people enrolled in distance education that need a safe, comfortable space to complete their work. They are supported by a qualified teacher and have access to case management and counselling if needed. This program lowers the risk of social isolation for those enrolled in distance education. For more information, contact us.

Homework Club

This program is aimed at young people who may be overwhelmed with the task of finishing their homework and need extra support to do so. The young person will be assisted by a tutor in a group setting outside of school hours in a safe community space. For more information, contact us.