Work ready / 8th August 2017

Learn Ready for a brighter future

The Learn Ready strand of Phoenix House’s wrap-around service is very specifically targeted at the pivotal Year 10 point. Many of our young people have disengaged with education, and without a Year 10 or equivalent qualification, their future employment and life options are severely restricted.

That’s where we come in! We aim to provide a successful intervention option for young people in danger of not completing a suitable qualification.

Transit is our intensive re-engagement course, and all new referrals to Phoenix House (accessing our education programs) will complete it. It runs for approximately 15 weeks, during which our clients are assigned a case manager, have access to a counsellor, complete the FRIENDS Youth Resilience program, and participate in any number of our more social programs – most commonly, Active Tuesdays and Feel Good Nights.

Transit is offered in partnership with NSI TAFE, and participants who successfully complete the course are awarded the Certificate II in Work Skills and Vocational Pathways, recognized as Year 10 equivalent. The course is employment focused, and develops the basic communication, numeracy, IT and literacy skills expected in virtually all workplaces.

Once complete, Transit graduates typically follow three pathways:

Further study – internally, within Phoenix House on our Route 10 program, or externally at any  number of providers (TAFE, for example)
Route 10 is our “academic” Certificate II, and runs for approximately 12 months. It is offered in partnership with OTEN, and students complete their education via distance education, facilitated by two qualified teachers who provide guidance and support. Route 10 is aimed at our clients who are likely to study further in a more traditional academic context, and are interested in pursuing the HSC. Whereas Transit course content is heavily employment focused, Route 10 addresses the “traditional” Year 10 content, with English, Maths, Science, Humanities etc.

As with Transit, participants are supported by a case manager, optional counselling, and have a range of engaging programs open to them – Phoenix Foodies, Art Escape, Yogalates, Active Tuesdays, etc. Additionally, workshops from external providers ensure they are well provided for in all aspects of their lives. Recently, this has included a workshop on financial literacy, and a session on sexual health and wellbeing.

Upon completion of either/both Transit or Route 10, Phoenix House ensures we provide our young people with as many skills as possible. We facilitate “white card” training, work experience, barista training, job applications, resume writing and support in writing letters of application for employment or further study.

Transit runs twice per year. The first cohort usually starts at the end of Term 1/start of term 2, and the second cohort typically starts the induction/interview process in mid Term 3.

Route 10 runs year-round, and has multiple entry points, as it is self-directed study.

For further information, please contact:

Angela Speck – Education and Programs Manager



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