Life Ready / 15th January 2020

Changing young lives learn, work and life ready

Phoenix House offers resilience, living and life-skills programs to our clients, schools and community groups including parents of young people. We offer young people specialist case management, assist individuals and families through therapeutic counselling, and create a sense of community and belonging through group work programs and activities.

Everyday living tasks that are easy for us might not be as easy for a young person transferring to adulthood. Young people are getting disengaged due to lack of basic life skills and lack of mental health support. When young people access our life ready programs, they benefit from learning how to share an apartment with others, and becoming more resilient to make young people well prepared to any life challenges they are faced.

We are constantly reminded about the needs based on the stories we hear from young people.

One young female living in transitional housing said the struggles included “Learning to do new things for yourself such as cooking, cleaning, washing, becoming more financially knowledgeable and developing saving skills, learning how to manage bills, taxes and extra expenses”.

Another young person from a CALD background has mentioned to us the struggles for him was “Getting use to other people when sharing – that are different from your own family. Housekeeping, cleaning, budgeting, doing your own shopping. Forgetting to do stuff because previously someone else in the family has done it for you.”

Our current program list for Life Ready component that foster health and well-being includes:

Although young people are faced with different challenges in life, the goal for Phoenix House is the same: Wellbeing. According to Northern Beaches Council finding: “Young people are experiencing increasingly high level of stress and pressure. Recent research from Mission Australia (2016) shows that one in four young people are living with a mental disorder. Around one in five respondents (approximately 20,000) in the 2016 survey were either ‘extremely concerned’ or ‘very concerned” about depression and family conflict. More than 44% reported high-stress levels.” (Northern Beaches Council, 2020). To be able to fulfill the potential of each client and help them to increase their own Wellbeing, we are providing 360-wrap around support to each young client using individual approach to target the wellbeing threatening issues.

One new addition to the program on offer is “Get Ready Get Real” three-day living skill component for young people across Northern Sydney. A free living skills program for young people aged 15 – 18 wanting to prepare for independent life. Small group format in a youth friendly environment.

DATES: 19 FEB – 21 FEB 2020 TIME: 10 – 3 pm


FREE three-day program is coming in February 2020

Please contact Susanne Lundback, Client Care Manager at Phoenix House Youth Services for more information.

Ph: 9437 0077

Email: [email protected]

Feel free to attend or pass the information to someone interested.

Visit our Life Ready webpage or contact us directly on (02) 9437 0077 or [email protected] to hear more about our Life Ready programs, get support for a young person or offer us any support or feedback you may have to help us keep delivering outstanding results.

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