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For the past 30 years Phoenix House has provided early intervention and support services to the most challenged young people living in Northern Sydney and delivered life-changing outcomes.

We provide a fully integrated, wrap around service model that places young people at the heart of what we do by building trusting relationships with them over time.


Family breakdown, family violence, isolation, mental health and addiction issues do not discriminate and cut across the whole community – the Northern Sydney area is no different.

The significant number of young people who need support remains a hidden concern, with the shortage of suitable services in the area a key issue. One in eight young people in the Northern Sydney area aged between 15 to 19 years is not in education or employment.

We provide support programs to more than 300 young people each year to help them realise their dreams and aspirations, unlock their potential, achieve their goals and transform their lives.

We work with young people and their families to improve family relationships. Positive family support has a significant impact on a young person’s success in life. Phoenix House provides a safe place that “holds” the individual in a contained and caring way allowing for their natural growth and development. Our role is to be there for them, to listen, be reliable, consistent and genuine, honest and open. We challenge their lack of self-belief and support them to develop a strength-based view of themselves and build a positive outlook for their future.

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Phoenix House Youth Services Annual Report | Year Ending 30th June 2018

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